Sunday, August 31, 2014

Starting Small - 72 Hour Kits

Conference is coming up in October. Some people find it handy to not only check their smoke detectors, but also their 72 hour kits. Let's use September to prepare to replenish or create our 72-hour kits before/during LDS Conference weekend.

I will supply you with a list of links for those who may need additional guidance and needs beyond what I have prepared for my family.

A little background- there are 2 adults and 2 young children (5, 2) in our home. This is a list of the items I have in my 72-hour kits. Please adjust these items to fit your families needs. *confession: I apparently have not gone through mine since my son who is now 2.5 has been born. I have nothing for him in there. Whoops!

OK- here is what is or is suggested to have in your kit:

  • Choose something to hold your supplies in. Some use containers, we chose backpacks. We figured if we need to leave somewhere quickly, and with small children and possibly no car, backpacks would be easiest. We have two of them, but I may put together a small one for our 5 year old daughter
  • toilet paper (take the tube out of the center so it is smaller)- I also put ours in a ziplock bag to keep it from getting wet.
  • feminine supplies
  • I have 2 baby blankets in there, but I may graduate to 1 warm, but lightweight blanket for our children.
  • comb or brush
  • travel sized tissue pack (we have 2)
  • bar of soap
  • travel sized lotion (optional- I need it, no one else in my family does)
  • travel sized shampoo and conditioner
  • travel sized deodorant for each person who needs one
  • travel sized toothbrushes for each person
  • dental floss (cause you know after you spear that deer, you're going to get meat stuck in those molars)....
  • travel sized toothpaste...possibly child toothpaste?
  • travel sized hand sanitizer
  • small bottle of acetaminophen
  • small bottle of ibuprofen. *make sure when you are restocking to check expiration dates.
  • waterproof matches in a waterproof container - they have these at walmart
  • lighter - we use the kind you use for a grill
  • Emergency light/whistle- you can get these for sure at Lowe's- it has a whistle on one end and then a blinking light and flashlight all in one.
  • Leatherman- this is a multi-use tool similar to a swiss army knife but bigger.
  • Flashlight- we have 2. Make sure the batteries work! (as I'm checking mine, they do not work!)
  • Sterno Cooking fuel- we have 2- if you're like me, you need some help starting fires.
  • Emergency blakets- you know, those space age silver tin foil things! We have one for each family member
  • Rain poncho for each person
  • Duct Tape
  • Plastic painting tarp- we chose this because we can makeshift a tent if needed with duct tape and trees or whatever rather than worrying about carrying around a tent.
  • First aid kit- ours has a nice case with a hook you could attach to a loop of some kind (belt loop) if needed. It has bandaids (I put more in), cortisone cream, aspirin, alcohol wipes, poison ivy wipes, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellant, burn cream, neosporin, acetometaphin, symptoms checklist, cold compress, guaze pads, large wound pads, plastic bag, tweezers, scissors, 2 saftey pins, 2 tongue depressors bandage adhesive stuff, and q-tips...I think that's all. All in a nifty little case.
  • diapers (if needed)- I bought a small case of 27 diapers.
  • baby wipes (nice for hands, too)- I just bought a small 32 soft wipe container.
  • Hand and feet warmers (optional)- these are called Hotties- I got them and put enough in to last everyone 72 hours in case we got caught out in the cold, so that hopefully hands didn't freeze.
  • Playing cards
  • 3 pairs of socks for each person
  • Water bottles
  • Food- this is tough. You have to use what works for your family. I chose to put in some high protein bars and a small case of protein powder. I figured the worse case we can use water and just drink protein shakes. Some people may rely more heavily on grain based foods such as granola bars, instant food choices, etc. It really comes down to what you feel your family will eat in an emergency, what is the lightest it can be, and most economical for your situation.
  • Important documtens
  • 2 pens (periodically check to make sure they work)
  • hatchet
  • collapsable shovel
  • long wax candles (we bought a pack of 4)
  • and last but not least, important documents. These are all copies, I do not have any originals in here. This is a list of some of the basic things we have in there:
    • insurance policies- both home, car, life, health, etc.
    • patriarchal blessings
    • important LDS records (numbers, dates)
    • marriage certificate
    • immunization records
    • car title info
    • drivers license copies
    • social security card copies
    • passport copies
    • birth certificate copies
I folded all of the papers up individually in half and then put them in a ziplock bag to keep them from getting wet.

I didn't include prescirption medications and this is why- I don't get an over abundance of medications and I need them daily. I figured if I need to take off, I'll grab them and throw them in the bag. If you have extras you can spare, by all means, do it!

Here are some things I would like to include in our bags:
  • 72 worth of water- though I haven't quite figured this one out. So instead, we have it in our garage.
  • Sleeping bags- this too, I haven't figure out how to get it in, so these are in the garage as well.
  • Change of clothes- with this, I figured I could stay in the same dirty clothes for 3 days, and if it's cold, hopefully I can throw a coat on before leaving the house....I didn't want to pack a coat!
  • hard candy or gum
  • water purifier- they make some really cool ones now
  • possible emergency radio/crank
Something to keep in mind as you finish preparing your kits. Place your bags in an easy to access area of your house. Here are some suggestions: a specific area in your garage, coat closet, under your bed, etc. Just as long as you and your family know where it is, and know how to get to it easily if there is need to leave quickly.

So what have I missed? Any suggestions on items that should be added?

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