Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Beginning

Hello there, everyone! I have gotten a welcoming number of responses from the survey I put together to figure out what the needs of our ward have.

Here are the generalized outcomes:

1. We need a little help with food storage.
2. Many of us have never been to the cannery.
3. Most of us would love to participate in some kind of picking of our own food this summer/fall.
4. We are interested in all kinds of food storage and some survival skills.
5. Many are interested in water storage as well as emergency water cleaning needs.
6. The need for cheap stores, bulk orders, teaching each other are desired.
7. A few questions, like if our food storage is considered out of date, is it still good? How do I raise chickens, etc.

So from this information, a plan is in formation. I would like to touch upon each of these, and have a weekly information post on storage needs. I will be linking from other websites with their information and references since there is no need to reinvent what has already been done. :)

If at any time you would like to help with explaining, teaching, writing a post, please contact me and we will make it a priority!

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